Come On! Flywil!

FlyWil - An un-conventional School of Flying!

"If you can't FLY, you are not FREE!"

A brief note on the
Art of Flyt

Come On! Flywil!

To stand tall and tide over time all that is needed is a w i d e base of pleasantness and deep running root of values!

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What I do here is heart out :)
To capture my feel in full; I myself do the web authoring. I'm into a process of learning it.
For almost a decade, having breathed the air of the Data Centre of one of India's leading banks; I feel the skills I need for this mission to be my second nature. The website is taking wings!
Wonder if you would revisit in a while :) THANKS A TON!

"Life is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!” - Macbeth @ Shakespeare

If the life of a hero often unfolds thus!

Now watch the life of An Idiot unfolding at it's best....

Then find the bliss of remaining just An Idiot :)

An initiative by a pursuing Idiot !

A 10% !diot! Growing either way :) ....

Come On! Flywil!

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Srijith Nair
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Come On! Flywil!