Art of Flyt!

Fight or Flight! You know it! Right! (Please do watch the video).The most primitive survival system of nature running along the Story of Life, enabling the survival of species, in particular the animals for billions of years.

Of course we appeared in the last running page of the big story unravelled so far. Not more than a lakh year ago. And you would yell, even those were just savages.

You are sure to say that man in general became modern in the second millennia (1000 BC+) and became sophisticated towards the end of the second millennia. We boast so much about our own creations of great sophistication!

Stop! Look for a moment; down your chin. Give an ear to that beat! A heart beating inside your chest and in each of one of us, non-stop, 3 to 4 billion times in a life-span, supplying nourishments with superb precision; through a circulatory system 1 lakh km long!! All this super packed into a small space of 0.1 cubic metre; the human body!!! Anybody with little knowledge of human physiology will yell; this is not even 0.1% of the Story called Human Body. This so called less sophisticated mechanism, as 99.99% of us are such least enthusiastic about it, has been keeping the life up-beat from time unknown!

The beauty of nature’s complexity is that nobody needs to be bothered about it, unless and until it is tampered heavily. The dull side of our own creations of sophistication is that it started tampering the nature’s order like never before. Our own distorted view of the Fight or Flight system has rampaged the beauty within us and the beauty of things all around, with utter severity.

While nature's order is to conserve the energy to the max. Thus Flyt is a much preferred mode than Fight. But by incessant learning about a distorted ego; about a unique place for man, even more unique place for self, we have taken up Fight as the prime mode, almost as the only available option. Let’s drop this madness. Let’s choose Flyt as our prime nature.

To be enough Buoyant to Fly in this whole madness; we need 4 Levels of Freedom from 4 Levels of Intelligence.

Physical Freedom #phycfree Physical Intelligence
Emotional Freedom #emotfree Emotional Intelligence
Financial Freedom #fincfree Financial Intelligence
Rational Freedom #ratofree Rational Intelligence

FlyWil is an earnest try to identify and express the factors that nurture them.